01 April 2015

dreamy on the beach

laying at the pool yesterday haleigh and i decided we wanted to go to the beach that night so at 9 we packed up our things (4 cameras, a blanket, and ??) and drove out to tybee. we had plans to do something for schmaggs but stickers distracted us and i put on some star freckles on haleigh and took some photos. the first ones are with my dads old filter thats netted almost. came out pretty dreamy. that getting old yet? Also, those last 3 aren't edited like the rest bc i liked them natural. 

these next few weeks are about to be packed with events (i.e. family coming this weekend, dad coming next week, alex coming the next, giselle coming the next, then me going home for the weekend for maggies grad the next weekend, cool things)

also, used 2 rolls of film on the beach last night and getting those processed today bc i realized that i could utilize my flash on my film camera so thats that. those should be up here later today, or tomorrow, or whenever scad stops torturing me with homework. 

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