25 May 2014

Boy Meets Girl: OOTD

boyfriend style inspired, my favorite lately. 
usually I'm against wearing my hair up cause I look so awful and ugly lol but I felt it went with today's style so why not, hopefully pulled it off well 

shorts; FP
leotard; ?
boyfriend flannel; urban
anklet; mine when I was younger
necklace; FP

24 May 2014

me; by giz

wanted an ootd so thx giz bomb 

had the idea of placing a mirror in the middle of a field. so I did it. random iknow but I like it 

dress; free people
jewelry; etsy,myself,vintage,urban,gifts 

Giselle 3

some of giz w/o the spark lens

then some of me she shot(she's into photography too) in the next post. 


spark lens 2; Giselle

Giselle came to town!!!!!!! !!  !!!!

such a surprise when she showed up after graduation. 

course we'll take pictures. haven't had someone take my pictures in forever so those will be shown in another post. but these I used my spark lens, captures pictures that look like a dream. I really really love the outcome. b&w makes the photos that much more intense 

dress; FP
necklaces; FP/f21

19 May 2014


scavenged the town for white roses for their petals and barely even used them. that was the whole point of the shoot. but the shots I got with them I actually loved.