19 October 2015

Portrait Lighting

For Controlled Lighting our assignment was to create the 5 main portrait lighting set ups. These photos appear in the order of Rembrandt, butterfly, loop, hatchet, and edge lighting. 

Thank you shay for modeling :)

08 October 2015

Mixed Light

photos for my controlled lighting class for a mixed lighting assignment

Haleigh Ann Long as the model

05 October 2015

Old but Good

a photo from when my friends and I rented a cottage in Muskegon for a night last summer. 

01 October 2015

After the Rain

today after class shayla and i wanted to walk around sav while it was still in its soaked state, it rained a lot and after it rains here in savannah its the dreamiest, gloomiest place. the greens are extra green and the spanish moss is extra gloomy, it looks like a different world and its pretty magical just walking around. with today being the first day of october, i thought these colors kinda expressed fall, even if its 72 degrees out.