27 January 2014


this girl. this girl is the absolute source of my inspiration.
TaviGevinson. without a doubt she was my first inspiration. i first discovered her when she was about 12, which was my current age as well. i admired how out-there she was. the fact she was so young and wore such amazing outfits and went to fashin shows was astonishing to me. i spent every day just watching her youtube videos w rodarte and her going through her outfits from day to day. i wanted to be like her so badly. she was my inspiration to create a blog. not this one of course. i had a blog way back when and put outfits and stuff on there. although, i lost touch with it. as well as tavi. now, she is actually stunning and has seriously become successful. she will always be my number one inspiration.

19 January 2014


Last minute trip to ski. Brought grif. Third time up here and is getting pretty decent. Out skiing all by himself currently. Hoping he doesn't get lost with his over confident self. too cold for me so in the river cabin sipping hot cocoa next to the huge fire place. Happy I came up though, it's my getaway 

09 January 2014



Calypso St Barth dress

Gold earrings

Chanel lipstick

Shu uemura false eyelash
$30 - harrods.com



Boyfriend :*

Love how laid back boyfriend inspired looks look. Have been searching for the perfect pair of fb jeans for a couple monthes now. Recently ordered some white wash ones. Let's see how that goes. But really inspired by these looks latetly. Been really into just "throw it in" kind of outfits, like no effort but still looking classy and chic. And boyfriend style can be more than just jeans, as seen in the first pic. Like baggy shirts or even baggy Jean shorts. Gotta get myself a lake of those before summer. Think I'm gonna do another post about that 

****** em Irene