08 August 2016


(layred under pants)

block heels 

leather (winter)(laced)

dark greens


cropped pants

denim minis 

big leather jackets (w skinny mom jeans)

jane birkin bangs

kurt cobain inspired sunglasses

graphic tees

striped/patterned pants

notes on trends for fall

30 May 2016


temporary tattoos
stick n pokes
point and shoots
film prints
finding pastels
hong kong
marc e bassy
dried bananes and peanut butter
real tattoos
model off duty style
new york style
fake clouds
dark lips
hk friends
off the grip
double exposure accidents
future x drake tix
air conditioning
cloud bikini
silver nail polish
hong kong laduree silver vanilla
silk robes

09 March 2016

Sticks and Stones Agency

my work is featured on Sticks and Stones Agency

you can see ittttttt here !!!!!!!!!

very very happy about this

also something else coming up on the 17th will be featured on another site :-)

08 March 2016

Interview with Sweet Peach Pie Foundation

was offered an opportunity for an interview with Sweet Peach Pie Foundation about my photography and my inspirations..

check it outtttttt here !

Feature on CryBaby Zine

a recent project of mine shot on 35mm film was featured on CryBaby Zine. 

check it out here !!!!!

31 January 2016


hues of blue


maggie may

taken on our trip to orlando this past weekend.

Steve Madden

Steve Madden shoot for Savannah Newman

model: Hannah Gilbertson
makeup: Julia Morgan
creative direction; Savannah Newman

All Saints

shot some photos for Savannah Newman for an All Saints shoot.

Austin Sherman as the model

haven't posted anything to this in forever so while i've been asked to shoot for people's projects more and more i thought i would update this :)