25 February 2015

"We felt the imprisonment of being a girl
  the way it made your mind active
  and dreamy
  and how you ended up knowing what colors went together."

 The Virgin Suicides

i had to

22 February 2015


the love of my life

slip; fp
jacket; urban renewal
socks; fp
star necklace; etsy

10 February 2015


park w/ babes last week when it was 70+ degrees out.

Western Princess; editorial

these are the final photo sets i put together for Maggie and I's editorial that we styled and that i shot for The Manor. check it out at scadmanor.com

distracted; self portraits

the sun was absolutely beautiful this pm and i haven't taken self portraits in awhile so i decided to do so. new fp romper came so that kinda got me wanting to shoot. ill miss these rays shining through my window next year when i get an apt.