05 December 2014

nighttime thoughts

so tonight i spontaneously jumped out of bed at 9:30 and decided to make a trip to go buy some disposable cameras. i had this idea and I'm going to do it. while on break, since i have 6 weeks, I'm going to capture anything i do. just casual life photos, but having personal meaning behind every photo. coming home i hoped for the best, and i think I'm getting that. i want to make the best out of my days home and i want to capture any moment so i can look back and be happy.

17 November 2014


tee; (stolen from my mom, thx momma)
jeans; Free People
shoes; converse
wooden beaded choker; etsy

last shoot with ky before headed home. been wanting to go to this tacky retro motel next to our dorm all semester so of course we headed there. gonna miss having a model available 24/7

bye sav:(