24 January 2015


So I flew home for my 19th/to surprise alex and having it be perfectly timed, Giselle came home too. we shot in freezing temperatures for maybe a half hour and at the end we threw my camera on the tripod and got some pictures together. I fucking love this girl so much. happy birthday to me. 

Ps, the surprise went as planned, if not better, and I've never seen the boy happier, I love that kid a lot. Best birthday present ever, even if I was the one who surprised him lol just overjoyed to see him 

green jacket; civvies
grey jeans; urban
platform boots; vagabond
sunnies; civvies
on giselle; turtle neck; gap
sunnies; ray ban

22 January 2015

Outtakes: Riot Club

Outtakes for the editorial I shot for the Manor. The rink let us come in by ourselves and shoot the other morning so that was really cool seeing every so empty. Couldn't have asked for better models so thanks Alexandra and Haliegh

All clothes from Civvies/my/Maggie's closet

Styling/Creative Directors: me and Maggie Carlson

20 January 2015

Absence: Photographing the Photograph

For Photo 2 the first project was Photographing the Photograph. I struggled with this at first, coming up with ideas that weren't so creative or meaningful to me. But then this idea came to me when I woke up one day and was longing for something that is now absent from my everyday life here at school. The project is to try and understand what the importance of a photo is. I wanted to stray away from the idea of people looking back at memories, because yes thats what photos are for. But I wanted to capture what a photograph really does for me, personally. Photography is an art; therefore, I feel photos can be self-reflective. I let photos take me away from stress, often, for I can express myself through self-portraits when I don’t want to speak aloud. Although these five photos are not self-portraits, they are self-reflective. 

Thanks Shay for coming back into my room and stripping down multiple times for me because i change my mind a lot. 

17 January 2015


So Kylee Allie and I were driving out of sav for maybe a half hour to try to find this location we had no directions for and we just gave up because we had roughly 20 minutes of sun left. After giving up we just kinda decided to jump out of the car in the middle of the woods on this dirt path and shoot. The road forked and we went right, then after we shot in the trees we went back and went left and came across a little lake. Wasn't disappointed with these findings. 

08 January 2015

Une petite fleur

It's nice having a roommate as a photographer too

All pix by kylee 

Bralette; urban
Skirt; ?
Necklace; urban
Bracelet; urban
Belt; ?