23 August 2014

Punk Babe


she's a little bit of punk and a lot of babe. 

had to shoot with this girl before we all ran off to school

Leslie's sis tagged along and I snapped a few shots of this adorable girl. 


11 August 2014

Not So Light Lighthouse

a photo I snapped quickly before being ushered down the steep steps of the Iroquois lighthouse because my family wanted to get the the rocky beach. didn't think it would be a good photo but now that I've looked back on it I love it so much. the contrasts of the dark dark underexposed walls of the interior to the metal light house and the bright blue lavender skies is what I love about this. the sun creeping in the side of the window adds detail to the photo that makes me like it that much more. contrast photos such as this one are photos I've really been trying to capture lately. 

UP: Day 1

a plethora of random photos of what I saw the first day we arrived in the UP. everyday we took road trips that were 1+ hours away to different locations. 

first day: Soo Locks and Iroquois Lighthouse and beach

second day: Munising for Pictured Rocks, then a lighthouse afterward

third day: 2 hours away to a vast area to hike up to a waterfall, then another lighthouse 

UP: Day Two

took a boat out to these massive rock formations on 8 9 2014

afterward we drove to another lighthouse, those photos on film.