31 July 2014

Old Innocence

this is the swing I basically grew up on. so many memories on here from pushing hailey off it to my dad pushing me on it. this is at the place where I went to pre school. this picture is somewhat unsettling because the swing is completely still and looks as if someone hasn't swung on it in years. which is true. were all growing up and getting older. I named this post old innocence because the last time I was on these swings I was so young and innocent, and so much has changed and I've grown up so much. 

the bittersweetness of 41 Days

41 days until I get in the car to travel 900+ miles

41 days until I have to say goodbye to my friends and family

41 days until I can finally start the life I've wanted 

41 days until palm trees and sun 

41 days until I get to pack my whole life up and move states away

41 days until I have to make the hardest goodbyes 

41 days until I have to cope with my parents not coping with my goodbye

41 days til sav(I really am stoked)

just 41 more days of constant wondering, forgetful nights, friends, new beginnings, and repetitive old situations. 

24 July 2014


morgan texted me the other day and asked to shoot with me bc we've been planning on doing so for awhile and last night we finally did it. I wanted to take her to this industrial sight I go for work but it was around 9pm and way too dark. so we decided to head out and buy a bunch of candles and do a shoot I've been trying to do for months. the images turned out really really cool. thanks morgs:)

21 July 2014


a plethora of photos from a plethora of events. 

all unedited bc I don't think film should be edited. I love the raw images and to see how exactly they come out. not all how I wanted nor impressive but I still love how film looks 

20 July 2014

Lavender Silhouettes

went to the hot air jubilee with my paps yesterday. have a lot more pictures but these are my favorites. the silhouettes against the lavender sky make it look so dreamy

19 July 2014

nighttime thoughts:

random facts/thoughts I've discovered about myself: 

1 I love fake clouds, the clouds that look too fake to even be real
2 i like to break people's walls down and really really get to know them
3 i am never home, I am always making plans to leave
4 I let my mind wander too many times at 3am
5 I don't mind letting my mind wander at 3am with someone else 
6 I miss having a pup in the house. to this day there's a part of me that thinks I'll see mols when I open the door everyday
7  my nails are always colored black. always. 
8 g eazy is already getting old
9 I'm am pathetically in love with France and am having withdrawals
10 i hate talking about myself but
11 starting to enjoy the lavender all over my house
12 tempted to delete all of this
13 I have too many nighttime thoughts(help) 
14 i need to sleep 
15 I like when people remember or point out small details about myself 
16 I'm stopping now. this is too much. night 

scratch that cause I won't fall asleep for forever. so just bye 

Ann Arbor Art Fair

me and kels decided to make a trip to Ann Arbor the other day for the art fair so we can scavenge for cool jewlery and clothes. what happened was we got tired of walking and were lured into urban so we spent awhile there then headed to briarwood for more shopping. I really loved looking at some of the art though, some people are so so talented.

took some pics, completely random, I just wanted to capture some of the moments during that day. 

13 July 2014

Tea Time

Liz's adorable grandmother invited us all to a tea this afternoon to celebrate our graduation. such a fun time dressing up and wearing our floppy hats, playing cards against humanity, and taking fun Polaroids with my abosulte best friends. 

every tea cup was different and I loved that so much. Liz's great grandmother collected each one over her lifetime. her grandmother that threw this tea couldn't have been more excited about the whole day. words can't describe how much I'll miss every one of these chicks while I'm down in sav. 

my outfit:
dress; fp
bralette; f21
shoes; urban
necklace; fp
hat; f21

                ~ amis pour la vie ~

08 July 2014

Downtown Jack

extremely last minute shoot with giz. came to this really cool place w Carrie last week for work(a shoot) and I couldn't help myself of wanting to come here myself. this place is just one small alley, filled with cool garage doors, boarded up windows, and hanging wires everywhere. perfect for a grungey look. definitely going to use this little alley more often.

I couldn't decide on which edits I liked the best so that's why a lot are different. mostly I used HM1 and HM2 on vscocam cause vscocam is my babe. 

happy Giselle made a visit because 1) I missed her and 2) I needed to have a shoot at this cool site.