20 May 2015

Look Book

so here's the final look book from the TopShop shoot!

there is an actual printed book but this is the online version, enjoy :)


p.s. take a look at in on a computer opposed to a phone, you'll get the layout more

17 May 2015

5am light

birthday girl dancing in the field

hungout in a field before heading to tybee at midnight

prolly the last time at tybee :-(

14 May 2015


full editorial with the images I shot the other night are up on Anthony O'baner's website and hereeee is the link

12 May 2015

look #3

Troy Allen top with Troy Allen denim jacket(collaboration w/ Safe Lee)

look #2

look #2 with all a Troy Allen sweater.

Troy Allen look #1

Tonight I shot for Anthony O'Baner with Troy Allen and Safe Lee designs so here are some of the photos. 
Anthony will be putting together an editorial of these images

Probably will create different posts for all the different outfits

sweater Troy Allen.

11 May 2015

08 May 2015


was asked to shoot a Topshop lookbook so here are my favorite shots from this morning

all clothes top shop