21 April 2015

boy in sav

hes a cute lil guy ^^

alex finally made it down to sav this past weekend and I've never been happier,
one of the days we wandered around river street and bought 2 lbs of candy like jelly beans, gummy dinosaurs, etc, and forgot about it to the next day actually. we sat in a park for awhile and had some fun people watching and day drinking and eventually made our way to forsyth somehow to set up my eno and hang around for what seemed to be 15 minutes but was probably a lot longer.  

alex is undoubtedly my best friend and i am so happy we stumbled into each others lives last summer and really last years winter. we have so much fun and I'm never bored with this goon. 

ps. alex and i put a deposit down for a baby hedgehog that will be born here in May soon, so thats really fucking exciting 

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