26 June 2014

OOTD: With My New Violet Lunettes de Soleil

random photos of my outfit today. new clothes so wanted to try em out. the dress is see through. in person it's more obvious. probably going to wear one of my bodysuits with it next time. current obsession 

dress; urban
sneakers; converse
choker; etsy
sunnies; urban
bracelets; gifted and vintage 

Purple Shades

new shades

19 June 2014

Henna Again

me and kels have been talking about getting real tatts. so I decided to do some henna today and kinda see what I would like on my body. I think I have an idea. but anyways. here's just sole iPhone pics of my flower I did today. 

18 June 2014


for my internship we went into Cascades Humane Society to take pictures of the adoptable animals for their website. Carrie does this quite often and I'll start going by myself. these are some of the adorable shots I got of the kitties. tough job. 

17 June 2014

11 June 2014

color pallete

we got bored, obviously. 


finally was able to use my henna kit today. and now I'm obsessed. some pictures are from my camera. some from my phone. I think that'll be easy to decipher which are which 

first two: me
second 2: kels
third 3: miranda 

took some pictures on my film camera but those won't be developed for awhile. and currently doing more henna on my hands as I write this 

09 June 2014


finallyyy got my hands on a film camera
(even tho my mom and dad both have one) I wanted my own. 

here they are: unedited:

here's some of griff, they're not good but I like em.

so this film is approx. 5-10 years old cause it was my dads. so that's why they look kinda funky. iknow they aren't the best but they're not completely awful so I'll take it. only 8 out of the 36 I took came out bc the film was so old so oops on that. wonder how much money will accumulate over the summer that I'll spend on film.......