26 October 2014


it's extra cloudy tonight and I couldn't be happier. 

nighttime thoughts(stupid things)

somehow this concrete is more comforting than those sheets stretched across my bed. maybe it's because there's distractions out here, noises and stupid things. keeping me from silently sitting on bed over thinking which I so often do 

24 October 2014

The Manor

here are all of the 6 outfits and their photosets I shot and styled for the editorial I did for The Manor, the scad fashion blog that launches today. super excited to finally see them up on the site. all the clothes are vintage, mine, or cut by me so it's very difficult to say where everything is from 

21 October 2014

nighttime thoughts

sitting at red lights daydreaming in silver 


Lucid Dreams

outtakes of the editorial I did for The Manor 

6 different outfits I styled and shot for this editorial. wanted to voice that you can take metallics and dress them down. Thank you Shayna for modeling :)

04 October 2014

things I miss

alex & my bed. 

film once again

the above photos from when me Ky and Jay explored by the river, ate jimmy johns, tasted honey, and sat in a square for a couple hours. 

and one Jay took below.


all on a disposable camera. all from numerous different nights. I think the last time I used a disposable was 2001 and I couldn't be happier with using one once again