27 April 2014

wandering innocence

oh and I have a flickr now. (> fb) (more from this shoot on there) 


12 April 2014


just so I can brag how incredible my school is. I feel weird saying "my school" since I'm not actually there yet. but it is the school I'm going to soooo. 

the pictures barely even give how amazing the real place looks( and still the pictures look sweet) so yeah I cannot wait. 

09 April 2014


just some pictures that make me happy. 

1. no I didn't have a photoshoot with my boyfriend 

2. he wouldn't sit still so I had to work around him basically lol 

3. I'm kinda over editing pictures with filters. so ya these are nakey

07 April 2014

keeping an eye out

things I need:

bell bottoms 
more fringe
bf shorts
vintage belt(s)
chunky/ colorful necklaces 
cool monokini

06 April 2014


found this amazing deserted beach in chalk sound. such call waters and clear. didn't want to leave. spent some time here swimming. it went out like 30 feet and still was just up to your knees. I like that. turks and Caicos is heaven 

bikini; vs 
anklet; asos

day 5?

went to iguana island{an island with 6,000+  iguanas on it...griffins choice to go...} went on a nature trail and kinda got lost but it was really cool walking around on there. oh and that's my outfit I wore. my mom liked to call it my safari outfit. fitting. 

hat; f21
leotard; ?
loose shorts; old navy
sandals; Birkenstocks 
jewlery; vintage/gifts
belt; vintage 
sunglasses; ray ban

03 April 2014


my 3 outfits from today

1. going to graceway [grocery store]
2. bikini. [beach]
3. dinner & drinks [tiki hut; da conch shack]

1: tube top; ??
    shorts; h&m
    sandals; Birkenstocks 
    sunnies; ?
    jewelry; vintage 
2: bikini; vs
    necklaces; etsy
    earrings; ??
3: halter top; f21
    denim skirt; h&m
    shoes; lulus
    anklet; urban 

tall girls

tall or short. read it. this applies to my life 100%