30 November 2015

29 November 2015

Oh Christmas Tree...

this morning i was woken up a lot earlier than usual to go get our christmas tree... i brought my camera along to make this early wake up call a little better. aside from the early rise, i actually always look forward to this tradition :) after some intense searching, the perfect one was seen and my dad cut it down and voila, it is now standing in our living room

27 November 2015

some blues some gold

after 11 long weeks I'm back in michigan for awhile, eager to get out and shoot in a different environment for awhile. madison and i drove around downtown and the world turned surprisingly gold to our advantage 

20 November 2015

(my) golden girls

maggie shay and haleigh are my favorite to take photos of so one day before leaving for winter break we agreed to drive out to this location and take some pics. It turned out to be crazy golden which was surprising for the dreary sav weather that had lasted all week. 

they're also my roommates so its a sleepover every night <3

11 November 2015


we just needed 10 final image so there are a few extra than my final 10,  I chose two of each angel girl

Thank you to Skyler, Shayla, Michelle, Maggie, and Michelle for modeling :)