02 September 2014

nighttime thought: emotions

i had a whole long annoying post about emotions and how uncontrollable they were and how i used to think i could control mine and how my emotions have lead me into a completely different life. but. it got annoying and too personal and I'm definitely not one to like to talk about myself a whole lot, let alone talk about my feelings. so. just thought that maybe if i could write a few sentences i could get my point across. or a list in this case i guess.
- don't try to settle your emotions, they'll screw you and change you completely
- they'll go one way, then completely turn around and really mess with your head
- people don't mess with your head, your feelings do
- feelings can really suck sometimes
- really all the time
- except when you're happy and/or content
- which i am right now
- i think
- or maybe my emotions are just messing with me again(probably)
thats that, I'm done talking about my feelings, that was already too much. Moral of the story, don't even try to even THINK that you can mess with those feelings, cause ya definitely can't. they'll come out of nowhere and stick around for awhile. not like thats a bad thing, sometimes the unexpected things are the best things.

ps, i actually am very happy with my life right now and just where these crazy feelings have brought me(so yeah, this is about you, kid.)

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