21 September 2014

hey I'm at SCAD now

so, thought id finally do a post about my life at the current moment. I've finally made my journey down to Savannah, Georgia where i will be studying for the next 4 years. I am absolutely in love with Savannah. its the perfect place filled with the most perfect people. everyone here is so accepting and interesting. there has already been a myriad of times that random people will come up to me and just talk, about what I'm studying, etc. I've met the most interesting people. every single person has a different story that you get a glimpse of when you meet them. the students here are so diverse and unspeakably talented it will always amaze me. the other day a boy came up to me as i was waiting for my friend to pick me up, he was from Africa, studies architecture, is a senior here at SCAD, and somehow we ending up having a conversation in French. meeting people like this is what i love. i cannot express how interesting everyone is. something incredibly odd is that i have met so many people from Michigan. maybe 7? i thought id be the only one... but anyways, i love SCAD. its so different than anything i have experienced. i am already so inspired for shoots and theres so many new things to see and do. theres always something to do in Sav. today, for instance, i went to Tybee Island, the beach, with Morgan, a freshman, and Savannah, a transfer. we spent a couple of hours there and Morgan had me model for her Photo homework. i can't wait to go back and shoot. then the other day me Ky and Jay went to explore down by the river and sat in a square for an hour and talked. then the other day Ky and I went under the Turner bridge and shot some pics. I'm definitely getting a feel for Sav so I'm not completely lost anymore. one thing i hate though is the bus system. the busses can go die actually. thank god i have a plethora of friends with cars that can come save me. and then nights in Savannah...thats a whole different story. I swear it transforms. everyone is on the streets and just having a great time. Me and some friends went to this venue where we knew the guys who books the bands there, and we had a pretty fucking good time. seeing the Savannah night life was fun these past couple of nights. I couldn't be happier that i chose SCAD.
but also,
It kind of amazes me how accepting everyone is. well, after all it is art school. its weird meeting people who are so accepting about style and shoots. i love art school. but these art kids, they're bad news *insert smirking emoji*

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