23 September 2014

Breaking Point

so this morning i woke up with that now familiar rush of depression and anxiousness and couldn't really handle it. i usually turn to photography to express myself when i can't really fathom whats going on so i did so this morning. its kind of weird how much just setting up my tri pod and taking some self portraits can really relieve me of my stress. these photos, to me, show my current emotions. just my bare self, alone, and vulnerable, needing that familiar face back in my life. i miss the hell out of my best friend and its just getting harder. taking these photos really helped set my mind at ease, until i glanced at the ceiling and discovered some glow in the dark stars placed by the previous residents of this dorm. those stupid stars made some pretty intense emotions/memories run through my mind. I'm almost at my breaking point, i miss you.

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