20 January 2015

Absence: Photographing the Photograph

For Photo 2 the first project was Photographing the Photograph. I struggled with this at first, coming up with ideas that weren't so creative or meaningful to me. But then this idea came to me when I woke up one day and was longing for something that is now absent from my everyday life here at school. The project is to try and understand what the importance of a photo is. I wanted to stray away from the idea of people looking back at memories, because yes thats what photos are for. But I wanted to capture what a photograph really does for me, personally. Photography is an art; therefore, I feel photos can be self-reflective. I let photos take me away from stress, often, for I can express myself through self-portraits when I don’t want to speak aloud. Although these five photos are not self-portraits, they are self-reflective. 

Thanks Shay for coming back into my room and stripping down multiple times for me because i change my mind a lot. 

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