11 November 2014

ATL, a start

So here's a start to my blog entries about ATL.......

Haleigh had a couple test shoots to go to in atlanta and she invited maggie shayla and I to tag along. We kinda got spontaneous and did some shoots in our hotel....otherwise, maggie shayla and I got to shoot elsewhere as Haleigh shot, and we had the opportunity to shoot at some pretty cool sights. On the first night we were exhausted after an incredibly long day since we left sav at 4am friday morning to get to ATL by 9. while Haleigh shot we went shopping. then we came back to the hotel, which Haleigh's dad got us, Aloft Atlanta, which was insanely cool and perfect for some art kids. We took a 5 hour nap then got up for the short night ahead of us.

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