19 July 2014

nighttime thoughts:

random facts/thoughts I've discovered about myself: 

1 I love fake clouds, the clouds that look too fake to even be real
2 i like to break people's walls down and really really get to know them
3 i am never home, I am always making plans to leave
4 I let my mind wander too many times at 3am
5 I don't mind letting my mind wander at 3am with someone else 
6 I miss having a pup in the house. to this day there's a part of me that thinks I'll see mols when I open the door everyday
7  my nails are always colored black. always. 
8 g eazy is already getting old
9 I'm am pathetically in love with France and am having withdrawals
10 i hate talking about myself but
11 starting to enjoy the lavender all over my house
12 tempted to delete all of this
13 I have too many nighttime thoughts(help) 
14 i need to sleep 
15 I like when people remember or point out small details about myself 
16 I'm stopping now. this is too much. night 

scratch that cause I won't fall asleep for forever. so just bye 

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